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Our Beginnings

Established in 1995, Premise One was created as a place for people to work and learn in a growing network infrastructure market. E-Rate, authorized in 1996 to fund school infrastructure, created an unprecedented opportunity in the communication industry. This marked the beginning of Premise One's success.


Today, Premise One services many vertical markets but remains true to its roots in education, creating a culture of learning. Even while FCC rulings constantly change, Premise One consistently learns and deploys what its customers need to operate effectively. Communications technology changes have never been more evident than with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP quickly became part of Premise One's earliest offerings to both E-Rate and business customers. These roots evolved into offering Unified Communications (UC) as a fully-converged network solution. Between infrastructure and collaboration, Premise One embodies its motto "Helping people communicate."


There is only one constant in tomorrow’s changing landscape: Premise One will be there for you. With your ever-changing technology requirements, Premise One will use its tried and true method of service to stay in sync with, and ahead of, your needs. Whether it's the port on the wall or a fully-interactive device, Premise One will continue to exceed expectations.